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Senior Food Delivery Prototype and Business Development


This project won "Most Original Solution" at UX Wizards of the South Bay Design Jam in May 2020. The project develops a senior food delivery system, and consists of a business system and functional Figma prototype.

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For our research we created and sent out a google survey with over 70 responses that researched eating habits during COVID. Our responses were varied but we managed to survey a significant amount of people in our target demographic, which is people aged 35 and up.

Our primary demographic consists of people with an established income, who want to show their loved ones (particularly their parents) that they are thinking of them in these trying times. We particularly wanted to address senior loneliness and assist local businesses who we plan to partner with in our program.

  • 94% of people get their food from going in person to the grocery store
  • 37% of people use meal delivery services such as Uber Eats, Postmates, Grubhub
  • 5.7% of people use meal delivery kits such as Blue Apron, Hello Fresh
  • 38.9% of people get restaurant delivered meals at least weekly
  • 95.7% laptop/desktop users

What does this mean? We planned to create a web application that both seniors and their younger loved ones can use, to plan the meal delivery and to really show their seniors they care!

Approach and Research

We chose the name Clove because cloves are a prominent cooking spice, and they symbolize friendships and positive attention. We like to think we’re putting the “love” in “clove.”

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Final Product

Try Clove!