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Hard Tech Fund

Website and marketing materials for the HTF Nonprofit


The Hard Tech Fund (HTF) began as a startup accelerator and development program that assists UC Davis student projects that build hardware with environmental conservation in mind. Eventually it became a non-profit, and the student organization became "Hard Tech Campus" (HTC).

My role in this project was creating the website layout, branding, logos, illustrations, flyers, and other visual marketing materials to promote the Hard Tech Fund, its associated projects, and its mission.

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Hard Tech Fund


The HTF logo is very similar to the HTC logo, except that the surrounding form is hexagonal, to represent a hardware nut instead of a leaf. This is because although the Hard Tech Fund values sustainability, the projects it is involved in emphasises the hardware aspect more.


Promotional Materials

Promotional materials for the 2020 Hyperloop Symposium.


The graphics were drawn in Procreate.

Hard Tech Campus

Logo and Branding

Since the Hard Tech Fund values sustainability and hardware, the logo takes the imagery of a leaf and combines it with the "on" symbol, which references hardware. The fonts chosen were Saira Semi-Condensed (for its angular tech-like appearance as a display font) and Roboto Light (for its easy readability). The images used were open-sourced (more information in footer) and modified with filters to fit the branding. A brainstorm session and word association activity was first completed to clarify the intentions and goals of HTC.


The HTC website can be accessed through links via the main HTF site or at the link below. The site has since been adapted to better flow with the theme of Hard Tech Fund.

Hard Tech Campus Site


Google Slide Powerpoint Layout


The graphics created were based on a cell representing biodesign, and space representing HTC's collaboration with the Space and Satellite Club on campus. They were created using Adobe Illustrator.